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    I have a double surname: I wanted to take my husband’s surname, but keep mine. I always liked the Spanish tradition of double surnames, when at first the child has the surname of mom and dad, and after marriage, you can leave both of yours, or you can take your husband’s instead of dad’s or mom’s. And so it turns out Perez-Reverte and García Márquez. I know a lot about my maiden name and my mother’s last name. Roots and a symbolic connection with them are important to me, so I didn’t want to give up my surname. And my husband has a beautiful, but very common surname, and from the very beginning he suggested that I take a double one or keep my own – at my own discretion. I really like the way my double surname sounds, and a bunch of acquaintances and strangers (from relatives to security guards at work) ask how I got it. It turns out that many do not know that there is such an option at all, but they would also like to have a double surname.
    Changing my surname to my husband’s цфы just a tradition for me, which can be a pleasant symbolic gesture, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way.Now I suppose that it is deeply wrong to believe that taking the husband’s surname is a mandatory matter and that it is “important for the family.” The name and surname today are part of the identity of each person, not the clan, so it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. Still, we are getting a divorce nowadays and I am interested on how to get my maiden name back. According to this article if I want to change my children’s surname I will have to get an agreement from my ex in order to establish future adoption and so on. But it is also said that it could depend upon the court and I feel a bit confused. What are my further actions? Is there anyone who can help?

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