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    After four years of being inactive all of a sudden Nexscripts invoiced me a yearly subscription.
    So payment went through Paypal even though it was marked as inactive.
    Another bogus thing is that Nextscripts created a new account on their system using an email that I did not have four years ago but with my new email.
    And about their refund policy – they claim that they sent multiple emails prior to payment – well I didn’t receive any so I did not have a possibility to cancel this subscription before payment. And no, those emails are not on spam folder.


    No scam here. Please just educate yourself how PayPal works.

    Your subscription is not cancelled. It was suspended because the last payment failed. “Suspended” is not equal to “Cancelled”. “Suspended” means PayPal will try to collect outstanding payments from time to time in attempts to reactivate it. Please login to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription if you don’t need it.

    We didn’t do anything. PayPal charged you for outstanding payment and will continue to do so unless you cancel the subscription.


    Can you cancel this subscription. There’s no cancel button on Paypal for this subscription so I can’t do anything.


    On Paypal it shows: Status INACTIVE
    Yet here: Subcription: PayPal – I-XXXXXXXXXX (Active)


    Please see the answer in the FAQ – #16 (How can I cancel my subscription?‚Äč)


    Specifically for PayPal:

    PS: Yes, PayPal shows status “INACTIVE” for “Suspended” subscriptions. It will keep trying to collect outstanding payments to bring to “ACTIVE” status.

    Our system shows “Active” for all Non-Cancelled subscriptions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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