Reply To: Double FB Posts


    Everything you need is mentioned at the link above.

    The article suggests you to disable WP Cron and setup a real cron that runs every minute.

    If you look, you will see that your WP Cron is activated several times per second. As the result you got racing and duplicate postings. Please setup your cron to correctly run not more then once per minute and it will work.

    I know you said that your “cron is setup correctly”, but you can look at the code if you like. there is nothing that triggers reposter to run other then a direct call from WP Cron. Look at the file nxs_functions.php line 891. function nxs_rePoster().

    Here is the line:

    if (stripos($_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”], ‘wp-cron.php’)===false) return false;

    If you don’t understand PHP, this line means that if wp-cron.php is NOT found in the request URL, then execution of the function nxs_rePoster() will be stopped with “false” return.

    That’s it. NO ‘wp-cron.php’ – NO re-posting.

    Your log shows that function nxs_rePoster() executed every second, which means something is calling wp-cron.php every second. This is not a sign of “correctly setup cron”