Setup/Installation: Twitter - Social Networks Auto-Poster

How to setup Twitter in SNAP WordPress plugin and API

itter uses OAuth to provide authorized access to its API. You need to create Twitter application with “Read and Write” access level and get “API key”, “API secret”, “Access token”, and “Access token secret”. 

There is no need to separately “authorize” your blog, just enter all applicable info. 

[Important] Since August 1, 2018 Twitter requires all new developer accounts to be approved in advance.  Approval takes  10 to 30 days.


1. Twitter Developer account.


> Please skip this section if you already have an approved Twitter Developer account 

[Important] At some point Twitter will ask you to fill and confirm your phone number and email. Please do that. 

1. Please login to your Twitter account, than please go to 

2. Click “Apply” in the top right corner. 

Then click “Apply for a developer account” 


3. Select your Twitter Profile, select either “I am requesting access for my organization” or “I am requesting access for my own personal use”, than fill either your personal or your organization info.  Chose “Publish and curate Tweets” in “What use case(s) are you interested in?“. 

4. Put something like “I want to connect my Twitter account to my own website. The application will be used to show my Tweets on my website and it also will publish Tweets from my website to my Twitter account. Application will not collect or analyze any user data. It also will be used to authorize users on my website with their Twitter accounts.” to the “Describe in your own words what you are building” field. 

5. Agree with all agreements, click “Submit application”. 

********* Wait 10-30 days for approval ********* 

Please note: 

Twitter requires you to add mobile phone number to your account and confirm is via SMS. If your phone provider is not yet supported there is a workaround:

If you install the official mobile application on iOS/Android phone, then you can login to the website with mobile number and change permissions from “read” to “read/write”.

1. Install and sign in to the official Twitter app on your iPhone or Android phone.
2. Assign your phone number to your twitter account inside that app.
3. Come back to from your PC, logout and login with your phone number instead of your username.
4. Go to the dev and change permissions. You won’t be asked for SMS confirmation.

2. Twitter App Configuration

Once approved, you can create your Twitter app.

1. Create a Twitter App for your website.

1. Please login to your Twitter account, than please go to

2. Click “Developer Portal” in the top right corner,


Go to “Projects & Apps” menu and click on “Overview”

Click “+ Create App” button at the bottom of the page.

Fill “App name” field and press next.

3. [Very Important] Please make sure your permissions are set to “Read and Write”. Scroll down Settings tab to “App Permission” section.  If you see “Read Only”…  

… click “Edit” and change “Permissions” to “Read and Write” and click “save”.

5. Click “Keys and Tokens” tab.

Click “Generate” or “Regenerate” in the “API Key and secret“. Copy both API Key and API Secret to the plugin’s  API Key and API Secret fields.

6. Click “Generate” or “Regenerate” in the “Access token and secret” 

– Copy both Access Token and Access Token Secret to the plugin’s  Access Token and Access Token fields.

FAQ: Question: I am getting this error when testing my account.{“error”:”Read-only application cannot POST”,”request”:”/1/statuses/update.json”}
Answer: Please check steps 4 and 5 again. Make sure your have “Read and Write” for both “OAuth settings” and “Your access token”

Your APP is ready.

2. Connect Twitter to your WordPress.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Social Networks AutoPoster Options.
2. Check “Auto-publish your Posts to your Twitter Page or Profile” checkbox.
3. Fill your Twitter URL.
4. Fill “API key” and “API secret” from step 5 above.
5. Fill “Access token” and “Access token secret” from step 6 above.

3. Your Twitter is ready to use.


SNAP Pro for WordPress

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