What happened?

SNAP Pro is checking for API update every 6 hours. Today (May 22, 2019) around 6:30PM EST Google Cloud messed our update server for about 7 minutes. A bunch of “lucky” sites that were checking for update during those 7 minutes got their plugin cache corrupted.

The corrupted cache issue comes with “expecting end of file” or ” Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue” error message.

How to fix it?

Please go to your WordPress database and delete option with the name “__plugins_cache_242” from your wp_options table.

Something like

DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name='__plugins_cache_242';

Just please replace wp_options with your actual WP Options table name.

*** You might need to re-enter your activation key after that.

PS: We are working on the solution that will prevent problems like this in a future.


It looks like under WP multisite network environment WP is keeping cache in the wp_sitemeta table. So if you are running WP multisite your fix would be:

DELETE FROM wp_sitemeta WHERE meta_key='__plugins_cache_242';