Facebook is rolling out new (and removing old) design this month (Sept 2020). It looks like a lot of underlining changes are involved in this process. Sometimes those changes are breaking SNAP functionality. Basically every day something gets broken. We are fixing things and accommodating Facebook changes as fast as we can, so please bear with us. It looks like until Facebook finishes the transition to the new design troubles with autoposting there will continue.

So far sessions stopped working couple times, shared links got missing, images posted to the groups got removed, posting to personal profiles got broken, shared links previews got either completely or partially missing, etc..

We are working on all those issues non-stop, so please make sure you have the latest plugin and API installed. Sometimes we are making 2-3 API releases per day, so please update and check before opening a ticket, your issue might be solved already.

UPDATE (Sept 11, 2020): Most of the issues associated with New Facebook Design were resolved in the API version 4.5.1. Connection with session, postings to Profiles, Pages and Groups as well as “Comments import” should be working now.  Please go to the Help/Support page in the plugin and click “[Check for API Update]”.