Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP} – Plugin for WordPress

SNAP can publish nicely formatted messages to your social networks accounts. You can reach the most audience and let all your friends, readers and followers about your new post automatically. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc.


Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP}

Latest version: 4.4.2 (Released: Oct 27, 2022)
Dowload from Social Networks Auto-Poster WordPress Plugin


Networks where SNAP can autopost

Premium networks require any SNAP API subscription.

Social Networks

LinkedIn - Post text, article, image or share a link to your profile, group, or company page. - Autopost text, image or share a link to your profile or group
Plurk - Autopost to your account. Ability to attach Image to messages
Pinterest - Post your blogpost's image to your Pinterest board.
Twitter - Autopost to your account. Ability to attach images to tweets
VK.Com - Post text, image or share a link to your profile or group page
Weibo - Biggest Chinese Microblogging Service. You can post your messages and images
XING - Post text messages, images or share links.

Blogs/Publishing Platforms

Blogger - Autopost to your blog. HTML is supported
Flipboard - Autopost to your magazines
Google My Business - Create Google My Business post
Instapaper - Autopost to your account
LiveJournal - Auto-submit your blogpost to LiveJournal blog or community. LiveJournal engine based website is also supported
Medium - Autopost to your profile or publications
Scoop.It - Autopost to your "Topics". Ability to attach your blogpost to scoop. Ability to make "Image" posts
SETT - Auto-post to your blog
Tumblr - Create a text post, image post, audio or video post on your Tumbler blog. HTML is supported.
WP Based Blog - Auto-submit your blogpost to another WordPress based site. Support for any standalone Wordpress and,, etc..

Link Sharing/Boormarks

Diigo - Auto-submit bookmark to your account
Reddit - Autopost to your subreddits

Email Marketing

MailChimp - One of the most popular email marketing tools. You can send your blogposts as email campaigns to specific subscribers


Line - Autopost texts, images, or links to your channel, group or chat
Telegram - Autopost texts, images, or links to your channel, group or chat
Yo - Send notifications to your subscribers

Image Sharing

deviantART (!) - Autopost to your blog. HTML is supported
Flickr - Autopost images to your photostream and/or sets. Tags are supported


vBulletin - Auto-submit your blogpost to vBulletin forums. Could create new threads or new posts


Facebook - Autopost text, image or share a link to your profile, business page, community page, or Facebook group
Instagram - Upload your blogpost's image to your Instagram account.
YouTube - Post messages to your YouTube channel feed. Ability to attach existing YouTube videos to posts


Autopost to Social Networks

SNAP will make beautifully formatted posts in all your configured Social Networks Accounts as soon as you press the “Publish” button in your new WordPress blogpost, page, product, event, etc…

100% White Labeled Posts

Plugin makes 100% White Labeled Posts. The main idea behind the plugin is to give you the ability to promote only yourself. Plugin uses your own apps and all posts to all networks come only from you. No “Shared via” or “Posted by SNAP for WordPress” messages.


Most Major Social Networks are supported.


SNAP has a lot of settings to configure.

Powerful Filters

Set what posts go to each network based on categories, tags, type, format and many more criteria.

Limit Autoposting Speed

Importing many posts at once? Not a problem. SNAP can query your autoposts and publish them one by one in defined time intervals.

Custom URLs for AutoPosts

You can set a custom URL for the link shared by SNAP

Autopost New Blogposts

SNAP will automatically post your newly published blogposts (pages, events, products, custom post types) to all your defined social media accounts.

Quick Post

Send a quick post to all configured social networks without creating a WordPress blogpost.

"Spin" message post templates

Automatically change/alter the words or sentences in your social media posts 

Emoji Support

Emoji Support

Export/Import Plugin settings

You Export and Import all plugin settings as backup or to move it to another site

Format your posts

Format your posts using flexible replacement tags. make text posts, share links, or post images.


SNAP can post tags, categories and any other custom WordPress taxonomies as Hashtags

Additional URL Parameters

Add additional parameters to the links posted by SNAP.

URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners:,, Rebrandly, YOURLS and built in WordPress URL Shortener

See what was posted

You can see the direct links to the posts published by SNAP on the "Post Edit" page

Additional Features [Could be added via Addons]

Unlimited accounts

SNAP Pro comes with an ability to add/configure unlimited accounts for each social network.

Auto re-post already existing posts.

SNAP can automatically re-post the already existing posts. SNAP can select specific posts for re-posting using filters.

Auto-repost existing posts randomly

Auto-repost existing random posts from specific dates or “older than N days and younger than X days”.

Additional Filters

Additional Filters. You can filter by Custom Fields, Custom Taxonomies, and Searches

Limit auto-reposting to specific days and times

Limit random or one-by-one auto-reposting for specific days of the week and times. (like Monday-Friday from 8AM to 7PM Only)

Multiple Users

Let all (or just some) users registred on your website to add their own social media account and autopost to them. 

Scheduled and Delayed posting

You can set a delay for autoposting to each network. You can also set the exact time when the autopost should go out.


You can use proxy with some networks

Post Types

SNAP can autopost blogposts, pages, WooCommerce products, and any other "Custom Post Types"

Auto-import comments

Auto-import comments from Facebook and replies and mentions from Twitter as WordPress Comments

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

SNAP is just great. Have it installed for over a year and no complaints so far. I use it to post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are are many customization options. The paid version is also well worth the money.
Excellent plugin

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster puts all other auto-posters to shame, this is a excellent professional product.
To get the full benefits though you do need to buy the pro version otherwise it will get very frustrating knowing what you could do but can’t but it is not overly expensive.
This plugin is a game changer

This is the most useful plugin out there. Not so easy to config, but does it’s job perfectly. So good for SEO and driving traffic.
The Best Social Posting Plugin for WordPress



WordPress 4.0+, PHP 5.6+ (Works better with PHP 7.0+), cURL. (It might work with PHP down to 5.3 and WordPress down to 3.8, but we are not testing such old versions anymore)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it on multiple sites?

Our licenses are issued on "Per User" basis. It means you can use one license on all your sites, but you can't give it to other people. You can use Plugin and API libraries on all your sites/blogs, the only requirement is that all those sites/blogs must be yours. You can’t re-sell or re-distribute the “Pro” Plugin and API libraries or websites with per-installed “Pro” Plugin and API libraries, neither you can’t install plugin and API libraries for your clients. If you would like to install SNAP to your clients, you need to purchase a separate license for each one of them.

If you are interested in re-selling plugin or would like to install it for your clients you can look at our affiliate program ( or developers/resell packages: (

Is it safe to use?

Is it safe to use? Will my social networks accounts be suspended if I autopost? Is it some kind of Blackhat SEO tool? Can I use it for mass postings?

SNAP is not a spam tool. SNAP is not a Blackhat SEO tool. SNAP is not a tool for bypassing any rules of the site where you are autoposting. You need to follow all terms and guidelines of any site or social network you are working with.
None of the networks we support suspend accounts simply based on the fact that you are autoposting there. Do not post spam or content that is not allowed, do not post more posts then allowed, do not abuse the network in any other way and it will be fine.
If you account got suspended for abuse/spam or any other reasons, please contact the social network directly, we can’t explain why that happened.

What is your refund policy?

Refund policy is here:

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