What happened with Facebook?

Facebook made changes to it’s API access policy on May 1st, 2018. As the result we introduced our own Premium API for Facebook.  We feel that we need to explain how exactly those changes affected SNAP.

Since the beginning Facebook native API was unrestricted. Anyone with Facebook account can create/setup a Facebook API App and immediately start using it for interaction with Facebook content.

Recently Facebook got in trouble with data leak and privacy issues. All those leaks happened through the API, so Facebook decided to take out “unrestricted” and “immediately” from the API setup process. From now on they want you to explain why you need a Facebook API App and how exactly you are going to use it. If they accept your explanation, they will approve your app and then you will be able to autopost.

From the technical point of view nothing has changed for SNAP. Facebook native API is working exactly the same way as it used to. You are more then welcome to submit your Facebook API App for review and once approved, it will be working with SNAP and you will be able to autopsot to profiles, pages and/or groups. The only difference is that now you need to submit your app for review and wait several weeks before you can start autoposting.

Since many people don’t really want all that “explanation” and “waiting several weeks for approval” hassle we made an alternative API for Facebook. It’s not free, but you can start using it immediately and you don’t need to explain anything.