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NextScripts Error Here: da.api.php

//ServerThemes.Net Bug:
if ($response[‘response’][‘code’]==’302′) { $hdrsArr = nxs_getDAHeaders(‘’);

$rep = wp_remote_get( $mh.’/journal/’, array( ‘headers’ => $hdrsArr, ‘cookies’ => $ck));

$daNewPostURL = CutFromTo($rep[‘body’], ‘a data-deviationid=”‘, ”); $daNewPostURL = CutFromTo($daNewPostURL, ‘href=”‘, ‘”‘); $daNewPostID = CutFromTo($rep[‘body’], ‘a data-deviationid=”‘, ‘”‘);

return array(‘postID’=>$daNewPostID, ‘isPosted’=>1, ‘postURL’=>$daNewPostURL, ‘pDate’=>date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’));

} else { $badOut[‘Error’] .= ‘Somethibng is not right’;

return $badOut;


And NextScript should Replcae:

“somethibng is not right” to “something is not right” 😀