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Not a Happy Camper


    I just purchased the pro version of your SNAP WP plugin a few minutes ago for the specific purpose of being able to syndicate my WP blog images to my Pinterest boards.

    To my dismay, after dishing out $50, I discover that I am encountering the same exact problem as Paul Bulmer.

    When I click on the “click here to retrieve your boards” link, I see the progress twirly, but then nothing appears under the pull-down menu.

    I am likewise using the latest iteration of WordPress, 4.0.

    To make matters worse, when I click on the “Submit Test Post to Pinterest” link, I get an on-screen error message from Pinterest which says “BAD USER/PASS”.

    Oddly enough, if I go directly to the Pinterest website, and use the same email address and password, it logs me in just fine.

    That is already two strikes against you folks.

    I am not a happy camper. 🙁