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    Ok. If you still want to go that road.

    You have selected “Scheduled” in the settings. You have, for example, 15 networks. You submit a post. Your delay is set to 0. This means all 15 networks will be scheduled for the exact same moment of time. WordPress is good in handling multiple threads, but not that good. There is a quite probability that out of 15 tasks scheduled for the exact same moment several will FAIL. THAT WILL BE A MAJOR ISSUE.

    So we took some measures to prevent such thing. Even if your delay is set to 0, plugin generates some random number of seconds to delay each networks.

    That was en explanation why it changes 0 to 1. Do I need to explain any more technical details about the system?

    Now back to your problem. Please fix WP Cron and it will start working fine.