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    1. Please go to the “Settings” tab.

    The very first option is: How to make auto-posts?

    It has two options:

    – Publish Immediately
    – Use WP Cron to Schedule autoposts

    If you have the second option selected – ALL your posts will be become scheduled.

    2. “don’t blame wp-cron” – there is nothing else to blame.

    Technically speaking plugin adds the record like “[2013-10-25 07:15:55] – [Scheduled] [Facebook (Malaysia Luxury (my))] – for [609|] 1382685964(2013-10-25 07:26:04) (2013-10-25 07:26:04) | PostID:(453)” to the log file AFTER it successfully executes the WordPress function wp_schedule_single_event (

    What happens after that is beyond our reach. Now it’s up to WordPress to recognize that it’s time to execute scheduled task and actually execute it. WordPress uses it’s service WP Cron for that.

    You site never executes WP Cron tasks. Which means WP Cron is not working correctly.