Reply To: Pinterest not working – New API

Yagmur Akgün

    So, no one is bothering answering my support tickets, I’ll just post here. In the example for Pinterest Standalone API there is a call for nxs-api.php:

    require_once “nxs-api/nxs-api.php”;

    which is not included in the API library zip.

    There is a file called nxs-http.php though, so I changed my script to reference this file.

    My script for testing looks like this:
    require “postToPinterest.php”;
    global $nxs_gCookiesArr;
    $nxs_gCookiesArr = doCheckPinterest(); // Use your function to retrieve saved data to array

    $email = $argv[1];

    $pass = $argv[2];

    $msg = $argv[3];
    $imgURL =$argv[4];
    $link = $argv[5];
    $boardID = $argv[6]
    $loginError = true;
    if (is_array($nxs_gCookiesArr)) $loginError = doCheckPinterest();
    if ($loginError!==false) {
    $loginError = doConnectToPinterest($email, $pass);

    if (!$loginError)
    doPostToPinterest($msg, $imgURL, $link, $boardID);
    } else echo $loginError;

    So, since changing to the newest API library (because login was broken in the old one), I am getting this error:

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: SERVER_NAME in C:\php\nxs-http.php on line 188
    nxs_Error Object
    [errors] => Array
    [http_request_failed] => Array
    [0] => SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate


    – ERROR

    I am running this script on localhost, which worked well until this new update.