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      I still cannot post to Pinterest after updating to the new API.

      Debug is as follows:

      [PN] NO Saved Data;
      [PN] Checking....;
      [PN] Checking....;
      Board ID =
      Pinterest ERROR MESSAGE : | | | | | | Oops! | Our server is experiencing a mild case of the hiccups. | We've reported it to the team. | Try again? | | |Posting error
          [0] => 2

      Any ideas?


        Should have pointed out that I am using the latest version of the standalone API library.

        Yagmur Akgün

          So, no one is bothering answering my support tickets, I’ll just post here. In the example for Pinterest Standalone API there is a call for nxs-api.php:

          require_once “nxs-api/nxs-api.php”;

          which is not included in the API library zip.

          There is a file called nxs-http.php though, so I changed my script to reference this file.

          My script for testing looks like this:
          require “postToPinterest.php”;
          global $nxs_gCookiesArr;
          $nxs_gCookiesArr = doCheckPinterest(); // Use your function to retrieve saved data to array

          $email = $argv[1];

          $pass = $argv[2];

          $msg = $argv[3];
          $imgURL =$argv[4];
          $link = $argv[5];
          $boardID = $argv[6]
          $loginError = true;
          if (is_array($nxs_gCookiesArr)) $loginError = doCheckPinterest();
          if ($loginError!==false) {
          $loginError = doConnectToPinterest($email, $pass);

          if (!$loginError)
          doPostToPinterest($msg, $imgURL, $link, $boardID);
          } else echo $loginError;

          So, since changing to the newest API library (because login was broken in the old one), I am getting this error:

          PHP Notice: Undefined index: SERVER_NAME in C:\php\nxs-http.php on line 188
          nxs_Error Object
          [errors] => Array
          [http_request_failed] => Array
          [0] => SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate


          – ERROR

          I am running this script on localhost, which worked well until this new update.



            The answer is in the FAQ – #4.4:

            Support FAQ

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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