Reply To: Pinterest "Spam" – Not Published

Thomas Morgan

    Further discussion with Pinterest in my situation and this particular error, Pinterest responded that they block links to content with too many shortened URLs such as,, etc. which to me is ridiculous. Shortened URLs are now common place and widely used since full URLs can get quite lengthy, particularly with WordPress. In my opinion, Pinterest shouldn’t be judging the content of a person site. I’v also had to change my Pinterest password three times now. With 20 boards in my case that means I have to change NextScript twenty times under Pinterest section (not NextScripts falt). All of this has caused the PinIt button (unrelated to NextScript) to no longer function since they now judge a site as a whole.

    The following is the response I received from Pinterest on these errors….

    “We block links if we think they might be spammy or unsafe. To make sure a link doesn’t get blocked:
    – Check that the link goes directly to the website, not through a URL shortener (like or redirector
    – Pin with our official Pin It button”

    Okay so in my case I have over 4,200 posts published, 2,000 pending my personal review and several created daily multiplied by say…3 to 5 shortened urls per post on average….. yeah right like anybody has time to manual review more than 20,000 shortened URLs to make sure they resolve to an actual legitimate location, though I do randomly check a few once in a while.

    Furthermore, and slightly off topic, Pinterest needs to seriously move to an oAuth or API form of authorization which can easily be controlled on their end with quotas (like Google does) and also is better for security. Mind you this is not a slam on NextScript because the plugin works perfectly and well worth the Pro price.