Reply To: pinterest stopped working for 48 hours.


    >> error comes up almost instantly

    The error comes out as soon as your server cuts the transfer.

    Here is how it works.

    SNAP ties to make a post to Pinterest.
    1. It asks system cURL library to connect to open connection
    2. Then is asks system cURL library to upload your data to
    3. Then it waits for response from cURL that should read the reply from

    For example your server has a 5 second timeout.

    Usual request.

    1. takes 0.5 sec.
    2. takes 2 sec. (2.5 sec total)
    3. takes 2 sec. (4.5 sec total)

    All good.

    Then pinterest became a little bit slower. Or connection between your server and pinterest became slower.

    1. takes 1 sec.
    2. takes 3 sec (4 sec total)
    3. takes 2 sec (Opps. Not completed… Your server cut it after 1 sec because of timeout).

    Only part of the data was read, so it resulted an error.

    [http_request_failed] => Array
    [0] => transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining