Reply To: Instagram – nxs_mkRemOptsArr


    So while I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for a response, I did some more digging.

    I downloaded a copy of the free WordPress plug-in (I’ll point out that I don’t use WordPress, so had no need for it), and low-and-belhold, there’s a file in that called nxs_functions_adv.php which isn’t in the SNAP API Pro zip file, but does define nxs_mkRemOptsArr.

    However, the code still doesn’t work and silently fails in the nxsAPI_IG -> connect() function when it tries to call nxs_remote_post().

    I can only assume the version of nxs_functions_adv.php in the free plug-in isn’t the same as a file that has been omitted in the SNAP API Pro.