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      I’m testing out the new Instagram API, but it’s throwing up an error because of the function nxs_mkRemOptsArr. This doesn’t seem to be defined anywhere, and I’ve looked in nxs-functions.php, nxs-networks-class.php, nxs-http.php and nxs-api.php.

      What file am I missing here?


        So while I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for a response, I did some more digging.

        I downloaded a copy of the free WordPress plug-in (I’ll point out that I don’t use WordPress, so had no need for it), and low-and-belhold, there’s a file in that called nxs_functions_adv.php which isn’t in the SNAP API Pro zip file, but does define nxs_mkRemOptsArr.

        However, the code still doesn’t work and silently fails in the nxsAPI_IG -> connect() function when it tries to call nxs_remote_post().

        I can only assume the version of nxs_functions_adv.php in the free plug-in isn’t the same as a file that has been omitted in the SNAP API Pro.


          What I have learnt so far…

          The stand alone API replicates some of the WordPress functions, so the order of including libraries is important. nxs-http needs to get in before the functions_adv, for instance so NextScript’s curl routines are defined. Getting that sorted helped progress, and I’m now loading nxs-http, nxs-api, nxs-functions & nxs-functions-adv in that order.

          This got me a little further, but still an error on an undefined function add_action() in the API. But given add_action() appears just before the nxs_remote_post() call, and then remove_action() just after it, I wondered whether this was just popping something into a status and whether it would work without, so commented it out. Suddenly the script was reporting it posted successfully…

          … but it wasn’t. Although the response says it’s posted, going to the URL says the page is unavailable. Very strange. I even added a var_dump on the $rep variable and Instagram appears to saying it’s all good. But the post just isn’t there – not in my Instagram profile or at the end of the URL retrieved from the response text.

          Obviously my desperate attempts to cobble this together would be helped if NextScripts just made a working package available for download with *all* the necessary files.


            No replies here or responses to my support ticket. Remind me again what I’m paying an annual subscription for?

            Dimitry Saint-Pierre

              I am having the same issue with the API Pro version and support has not been able to help. I cannot get Pinterest or YouTube to work because some functions cant be found; they are the main reason for purchasing this product. I am starting to feel like I was scammed.

              ALEX G.

                Dimitry Saint-Pierre, API Pro version works with Pinterest!
                I have just set up it and have sent a PIN.

                The script has been taken from

                Pinterest API Library

                To include all features I have added to the beginning of the script

                require_once "inc/nxs-networks-class.php";
                require_once "nxs-snap-class.php";

                And I have filled $email, $pass, and other fields manually in script

                It is really imposible to open the settings window for Pinterest and YouTube in snap-setup.php. And you can not post with “New Post to the Pinterest Configured Social Networks”, but a separate script is working successfully.


                  with pinterest it works, its ok; but it doesn’t work with IG, it gives success, but after i’m checking the link – this page doen’t exists or removed and nothung chenged in my account:

                  i paid few days ago just for IG, the rest were workung for my subscription iwas made before (02.15), but for to work with IG it asked for an extra 50 bucks; i paid, got this scam: after posted 5 tickets in support, nothing has been changed; i started a dispute in PP; i hate such support;
                  I thought that just in asia happens such problems (they sell first, after ask to wait, because the next update will be ok and you re waiting couple of month), but didn’t think it may succed here, especially ias using this plugin more than a year and was satisfied at all; hey Guys! are you alive?


                    I have the same problem. I have also bought PRO only for Instagram and very disappointed it does not work.

                    Dario B Bestetti

                      Same problem, I bought the PRO version to have Instagram and my photos is not showing.


                        >> it gives success, but after i’m checking the link – this page doen’t exists or removed

                        FAQ 4.3

                        Support FAQ

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