Reply To: Instagram – nxs_mkRemOptsArr


    What I have learnt so far…

    The stand alone API replicates some of the WordPress functions, so the order of including libraries is important. nxs-http needs to get in before the functions_adv, for instance so NextScript’s curl routines are defined. Getting that sorted helped progress, and I’m now loading nxs-http, nxs-api, nxs-functions & nxs-functions-adv in that order.

    This got me a little further, but still an error on an undefined function add_action() in the API. But given add_action() appears just before the nxs_remote_post() call, and then remove_action() just after it, I wondered whether this was just popping something into a status and whether it would work without, so commented it out. Suddenly the script was reporting it posted successfully…

    … but it wasn’t. Although the response says it’s posted, going to the URL says the page is unavailable. Very strange. I even added a var_dump on the $rep variable and Instagram appears to saying it’s all good. But the post just isn’t there – not in my Instagram profile or at the end of the URL retrieved from the response text.

    Obviously my desperate attempts to cobble this together would be helped if NextScripts just made a working package available for download with *all* the necessary files.