Reply To: Instagram – nxs_mkRemOptsArr


    with pinterest it works, its ok; but it doesn’t work with IG, it gives success, but after i’m checking the link – this page doen’t exists or removed and nothung chenged in my account:

    i paid few days ago just for IG, the rest were workung for my subscription iwas made before (02.15), but for to work with IG it asked for an extra 50 bucks; i paid, got this scam: after posted 5 tickets in support, nothing has been changed; i started a dispute in PP; i hate such support;
    I thought that just in asia happens such problems (they sell first, after ask to wait, because the next update will be ok and you re waiting couple of month), but didn’t think it may succed here, especially ias using this plugin more than a year and was satisfied at all; hey Guys! are you alive?