Reply To: Post from Tumblr to Instagram


    Ok Thanks. I just purchased the $99 package yesterday (9/3).
    I even installed the management panel and I was successfully able to post from the management panel to Flipboard. But what I need is the API script to post to flipboard. I tried to look through the uncompressed ZIP file or through the webhost I installed it on, but i do not see it out there.
    I also created a ticket ( for the incident as it have a link to the management panel .

    Yes I understand I will need to create the “get post from Blogger” and I will take care of it, but i at least need the API SCRIPT to “post to” flipboard. I am not a developer, so I really need to be pointed to where the Script is located (in the ZIP file or on the Webhost) to post to individual sites.. for example Flipboard