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    It’s fecked and has been for ages. Don’t hold out any hope on V4 being released anytime soon. He’s been developing it for over 2 years and still no release date in sight. I think it got so bad for him that he felt he had to do something to please people so he made out it would be a good thing to release small updates between then and the V4 release.

    I really don’t understand why some of the core features have been taken away with recent developments. He should have kept the plugin as it was. It could pick up existing posts on a server and re-post them. You could also select a different tag and now you can’t. Mine is permanently set to post. No good for me as i have sites that advertise many different things. I have tried to roll back to older plugins to get the old functions back but all I get is errors on activation. if he had left it and just cracked on and developed V4 then released that I think the majority of people would be much happier. I know I would have been.