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    OMFG I called it. Knew you would say it was not supported.
    You must have it in a Macro on your keyboard.

    Seriously, If the Posts were not marked as disabled for all my 1700 posts the reposting feature would work only reason that its like this because I installed and activated the snap plugin after the posts were created.
    All you would need to do is give me a fix to mark the posts as ready to repost.

    I’m a paid user Not a free user. and the feature is working on all my other sites just not this one so please help me fix this.
    and by the way you say your not supporting it any more because you are doing a better one in version 4 that was 2 years ago do you think its time to drop the we don’t support it any more and help use now or just maybe bring out the much better version 4 already Geez 2 Years.