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    I never got a response from the support ticket, which is fine 🙂 good news and I hope this is also good for James, it appears there was a issue when posting to facebook, which started on 12/22, 12/21 for some. I am guessing FB was updating things. I have seen this before when I used Hootsuite and they had confirmed FB was doing something wacky.

    NS, before you respond to me in a rude way (which appeared you did lol, at least to me), I am not confusing anyone, people google /yahoo/bing search for similar issues because if a thread is open, or someone posted something and they see it and are like “hey I have this too”, and then scroll down to see what the issue might have been or what to do… it is helpful.

    All I did was wait. It solved itself. Everything is working fine now 🙂 Suggestion is if it keeps happening, open a support ticket, other than that, it took 25 hours for FB to resolve it.

    I want to sum it up:
    -no broken code; nothing wrong with FB app;nothing wrong with NS Script.
    it was a bug on FB end.