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    My issue is that it was working … until it broke a few months ago. What is insane is that I can get one category to repost, and it is reposting again now, but another category will not repost. I just get the log report that there is nothing to repost.

    This is the same site, same settings, and exactly the same posts. I have not even added anything new. So somewhere along the plugin’s development, it broke.

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful or complain, but this plugin of yours is/was brilliant. I write for a living so I have have different automated reposts. One lot appears to be mini tweet like quotes, as if I had done them manually, and the other are image based posts. I also have promotional messages and book adverts that WOULD be posting, but I cannot justify the time setting it up when it may, or may not work.

    Why will one category repost, but not another? I stripped out ALL the settings and then moved the posts for the one category into private, and set up the media accounts again. Then I moved the public ones into private and reversed the order, and add those into the second social media accounts. Nothing. The posts available to repost are there, and it says the number, but the plugin says there is nothing to post, while the other category continues to post merrily.

    Please give us some idea of when v4 will come out. Is it imminent? A few months, or are we talking about 2025? I need to make a plan. You plugin still works well from another site I use merely to post once off raw text posts to social media that are then deleted, but please … give us some idea. People will stop nagging you if they only have some idea of when it might be. If it will be a long time, I must find some other alternative plugin or service to use.