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    1. Click “Test post”, get the “[message] => checkpoint_required [error_type] => checkpoint_logged_out” error.
    2. Open Instagram on your phone, login to the account you were trying to setup. it will say “Suspicious Activity”, and it will ask you to confirm it via app, sms or email. Confirm it.
    3. Immediately Click the “Test post” again, it will be working.

    Important 1: DO NOT USE BROWSER to confirm. Instagram browser app is very limited. You must use your phone.
    Important 2: DO NOT change your password. Password change invalidates all logins and makes all other login locations as suspicious.
    Important 3: You may need to repeat those steps couple times.

    PS: If you already tried to confirm it from your browser many times, you may need to wait several days until you will be able to confirm the login.