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Mark Hampshire

    Hey Jo.

    Glad you got it sorted :-).

    I got frustrated with waiting so I have had the plugin modified myself.

    You can choose a specific date and times we have done to every 15 minutes so as not to have too much server load. Also we gave some thought to Facebook posting rules. Not sure what it is but if you were to set it to post every minute you’d soon be flagged for spamming. So we set it every 15 minutes with a maximum of 3 posts every time, so a maximum of 12 posts per hour. Say for example you want to do three posts at 18.00pm if you then try to set a fourth at the same time you can’t as the calendar option is not selectable. We have also done a date range option for posts you might want done over a longer period of time. I offer an ad for say one month. The customer does not have to worry about bumping it in Facebook to keep the ad at the top of the group page. The software does it by reposing the ad at a set time suited to the customer. It also before reposting deletes the previous post so the group does not get clogged up with the posts.

    It really does work well.

    Check some sample pics out….