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    We are not sure what is with all those comments, but we can assure you that:

    1. SNAP Multiuser works fine on both regular WordPress and WordPress Multisite environemtns.

    I need to pay out another $100 to get back what I already had and lost without warning.

    2. This is not true. We never ask to pay anything extra to “make it work again”. We couldn’t even imagine who in the right mind can invent some business practice like that.

    I paid that $100 but what really bothers is that the RePost function is gone. WTF?

    3. Another statement that doesn’t make any sense. As we originally stated back in 2014 “Old Posts Re-posting feature in Version 3 is no longer supported”.. It works, it’s there, it’s not “gone” or removed. We just don’t support it. We don’t support it since 2014.

    Version 4 has fully functioning and supported “Old Posts Re-posting” feature.