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    I have 3 Job packages (WP Job manager – woocommerce products). My task is very simple – to autopost jobs only if the right package is selected. In settings I select the Post type – job_listing, Taxonomy – product_cat or product_tag with a selector IN. Terms – the package, which should allow Jobs to be posted.
    And Jobs get skipped, not posted.
    I tried all variations, I tried to use product categories, tags, I have tested it maybe 100 or more times, it never worked.

    Here is my Filters settings:
    So Jobs should be autoposted using the Basic package in this case, right? But they don’t, they get skipped instead

    Also, if I set any delay on filters, like 1 min, post don’t get posted at all.

    I can create an clone site for you to test it yourselves, maybe you will see what is the problem