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      So, I have checked the list of already reported issues and I can’t see the Filters issue there. But filters do not work, I tried on each account individually and global. If I set IN, nothings gets posted, if I set NOT IN, everything gets posted, no matter what is inserted in other fields.

      Any idea when you plan to fix this? This is one of the main features (not working) on my site. And it’s already more than a month of me using this Paid plugin, which doesn’t really work..


        What filter exactly are you talking about? You can put IN or NOT IN in many different filters.


          I have 3 Job packages (WP Job manager – woocommerce products). My task is very simple – to autopost jobs only if the right package is selected. In settings I select the Post type – job_listing, Taxonomy – product_cat or product_tag with a selector IN. Terms – the package, which should allow Jobs to be posted.
          And Jobs get skipped, not posted.
          I tried all variations, I tried to use product categories, tags, I have tested it maybe 100 or more times, it never worked.

          Here is my Filters settings:
          So Jobs should be autoposted using the Basic package in this case, right? But they don’t, they get skipped instead

          Also, if I set any delay on filters, like 1 min, post don’t get posted at all.

          I can create an clone site for you to test it yourselves, maybe you will see what is the problem


            So, will you take a look into this issue?
            I really need this fix, unable to release the product without this working correctly and every delayed day costs me money

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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