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ok, here’s why:

 new measures that will be implemented from now on, in order to avoid abuse and misuse of user data.

The first measure, has to do with an audit of the apps that present suspicious activity, analyzing all those that had access to large amounts of data before the last review in 2014.

The second step will be to alert users, if any of the apps you use, have misused their data. And on the other hand, a series of measures will be applied so that the apps have less possibilities of accessing the personal data of the users, for example, the access to information will be deactivated to those apps that have not been used in the last three months. .

And taking into account the dynamics of users, who log in to their Facebook account, using different apps, will reduce the amount of information they can access. If the app requests more information, then the user will have to give their approval, and the developers will also go through a series of requirements.

That is, it will limit the access of the developers to the data of the users, and there will be special process in case of requesting more information of the basic data.

In addition, a new tool will be implemented, which will give more visibility to the options that allow users to be aware of the apps they use and can manage the information they share.