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BBT, yes, that is correct. As Ludwig just confirmed, you can sit there and wait for weeks or months until your app has been approved by Facebook, or you can bite the bullet and purchase SNAP Pro Premium API, and forget Facebook’s hassles.

I will tell you this. I tried Facebook’s way; and after waiting a few months, my app was NOT approved, for reasons which I didn’t even understand. It was a total waste of time. Not only that, I suspect that with Facebook tightening up its ship more and more each year, it will become even more difficult to get Facebook apps approved.

And, yes, Ludwig’s Premium API works outside of Facebook’s API. As such, there is NO app review process at all. Also, there is no download install with Ludwig’s Premium API. You just install SNAP Pro on your server — which you have already done — and the premium part of it works from Ludwig’s server.

You can tell the status and version of SNAP Pro Premium API by going into your WordPress settings:

Dashboard > SNAP|Autoposter > Help/Support

Also, Premium API seems to auto-update on its own, which is a positive.

BTW, I also only have one website currently. But for me, being as I syndicate to eight social networks, SNAP Pro Premium API is a worthy investment. I just wish I could get Instagram working again. Ludwig???