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In our testing we used the session ID and User ID pulled from storage – EVERY time we posted something, even a test, the session ID changed – meaning FB does not want anyone posting via this method.

I suspect that what may possibly be happening there behind the scenes, is that you are being force logged out, which obviously will result in a new session ID being generated when you log back in again. Or maybe Facebook is surreptitiously logging you out and back in again — without you being aware of it — so that a new session ID is generated. The end result is that you will never be able to post on Facebook using SNAP Pro’s Auto-poster, since Facebook will always be one step ahead of you.

I can’t even get that far. As I said in my previous post, I have been locked out of my Facebook account for over two weeks now. Sometimes Facebook will send me a new code by email when someone makes a new comment on one of my previous FB posts. However, the minute I enter the code in the hope of being allowed back in Facebook again, I get the same old “Suspicious Activity” window, and then I am forced again to upload my ID, followed by the bogus message stating that they will contact me after examining my ID. Yeah Sure. Right. 🙁

Regarding making a Facebook app and hoping for the best, personally, I would not waste my time doing so. In case you are not aware of it. Some folks here — myself included — have gone that route and tried to get an app approved by Facebook. After several months of patiently waiting, the verdict finally arrives. Your app was not approved.

Of course, it is entirely up to you, but I wouldn’t.

If there is truly no way for NextScripts to work around this new block technique somehow, it really puts a damper on my willingness to pay $50 annually for the Premium API, because out of the nine social networks where I have some level of participation, Facebook is the primary social network I depend on for directing people to my website.