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I got the same Problem as Frederiic
I installed Nextscripts with native Facebook API today (new installation) – i try to post to a Page.

If i do the Authorization Process in the Settings and click on Submit Test Posts – it works and the Test Post appears on my Facebook Page.
If i want to publish a new post, i get the same error message:
[Warning] =>
[Error] => (#200) If posting to a group, requires app being installed in the group, and \
either publish_to_groups permission with user token, or both manage_pages \
and publish_pages permission with page token; If posting to a page, \
requires both manage_pages and publish_pages as an admin with \
sufficient administrative permission

If i go to Settings again and click on Test post i also get the Error Message.

If i Authorize my Account again – Then Click on Test Post – Test post is sent to Facebook only 1 time..
and so on..