Reply To: Facebook account block


    The problem here is with 2FA; there’s no mechanism in SNAP to respond to a 2FA request, and FB is now funnelling ALL page owners through their business platform…which requires 2fa.

    I’ve had to change my PW two dozen times in the last day, and the only reason I still have an account is I’ve already been working with FB on an ID validation problem, so I have the almost unheard-of ability to contact someone inside FB to unlock my account, through an alternate.

    I *love* snap, I’ve been wanting to buy the API for seven years since I bought the Snap Pro plugin. I finally got the fifty bucks and honestly, mean, I hate to say this but it’s been nothing but a headache ever since. I’d have been better off with the PRO API, except then I can’t post to my personal page.

    I’m not gonna flounce off or be a jerk about it. SNAP’s a great tool and working with FB in any kind of programming capacity is an absolute nightmare. But please, please, please can we code 2fa recognition/auth into the Snap API so this nightmare ends? Doing a session from another/private browser doesn’t work either; it just locks my account again when I try to log in privately and get the session ID, which invalidates all the session ID’s and I have to start over. If I could authenticate through the SNAP process running from my server, FB would flag the server as legit and I’d be fine. (My contact can’t flag it manually, I asked.)

    It would be nice if FB would code their crap to stop breaking third-party addons, but until they do I’m not seeing a good way around 2fA.

    I can even see the trigger/execution process in my head, I just can’t code it. FB returns that 405 error; that should trigger a 2fa check form to pop up in SNAP so I can submit my generator code. Yes, it’s a giant PITA, but there’s no getting around it.

    Thanks for your help, and for a great tool. I look forward to a year of using it smoothly, once these wrinkles get worked out. (NB: I’d anticipate having this problem with other networks sooner than later; after the impact inauthentic social media actors have had on democratic processes around the world over the last few years, it’s only going to get tighter over time.)