Reply To: Pics not autoposted to LinkedIn


    Yes, it is a change at LinkedIn. I contacted them. They told me:

    Starting May 31, 2021, for article type posts the description, title, and thumbnail will be set from LinkedIn’s URL Preview of the URL only if the description, title, and thumbnail are not provided from the API call. Prior to this change, each field was set from LinkedIn’s URL Preview if the specific field was not set. If a specific representation of the post is desired, set the description, title, or thumbnail fields, rather than rely on automatic preview. Use the Post Inspector tool to determine what the LinkedIn URL Preview looks like.

    To summarize, because you are still passing some of the fields, we are not scraping the image. So if you remove all the fields except the link to be scraped from your call you should see that the image, title, and description are all scraped. So it’s basically an all-or-nothing thing with scraping now, you either provide all the information or none of it and let our scraper do the rest. Can you try to only pass the URL and let me know if that resolves the issue for you?

    SNAP need to update the function. I have told them more than once, but no reaction