Reply To: Has Instagram Stopped for anyone else?


    This is not the case…

    I’ve been using your plugin for many years. And about two weeks ago the API stopped working with Instagram. It doesn’t matter how many sessions are created and kept active. Instagram recognizes it as an irregular access attempt and asks for confirmation of use on the cell phone. Even confirming, it is not possible to access later…

    I tried reproduce below the full error message [removing identifiers of my session], but the wordfense plugin of Nextscripts’ site blocked me 🙁

    [pgID] =>
    [isPosted] => 0
    [pDate] => 2022-07-19 03:26:12
    [Error] => Something went wrong – |ERROR -05.1- IG M Error (Message):The username you entered doesn’t appear to belong to an account. Please check your username and try again. | ip_block | Array
    [headers] => Requests_Utility_CaseInsensitiveDictionary Object

    PS> The last update (Version 4.3.29) didn´t solve issue…