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    Is this just me, or can anybody duplicate this? Set up is SNAP is posting to Facebook, and Facebook is posting to Twitter. SNAP is NOT setup to post to Twitter. Plugin version is 2.7.18. Tried update to 2.7.20, but that had other issues chronicled in another post in this forum.

    Does not autopost or repost to Facebook and error log shows:
    Array ( [pgID] => [isPosted] => 0 [pDate] => 2013-09-19 16:13:42 [Error] => [ERROR] (#100) The status you are trying to publish is a duplicate of, or too similar to, one that we recently posted to Twitter

    Nothing shows up on either Facebook or Twitter. Troubleshooting FAQ entry about this (4.17 Question) says that:
    “You need to either unlink your Facebook from Twitter or disable Twitter auto-posting from our plugin.”

    Twitter auto-posting is NOT enabled in your plugin on my site, so if something has changed, at the very least the FAQ entry should be updated to reflect this.

    But more problematical is that, if this can not be fixed, then your plugin is unable to post to Facebook if Facebook->Twitter link is enabled on Facebook. As it might be the case that one would want this link enabled on Facebook (to handle auto-posting of things other than posts coming from WordPress), effectively your plugin becomes of no use in this scenario.

    Thanks for looking into this.