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    same here but author’s plugin seems don’t understand what we say…


    Let me quote some text from the link I sent you earlier…

    While this new layout yet to be transitioned to the regular API shares, there is a way to make this happen right now. Version 3 has an option to let Facebook decide the share info by itself using your OG tags and other info.

    I apologize if it’s not clear enough. Let me explain it a little bit further:

    This feature is not explicitly available to Facebook API yet. When it will be available is totally up to Facebook. We will implement it the next day after Facebook adds it.

    If you read the post you see that this feature possible only if you check “Let Facebook fill the link info” checkbox. This basically means that if this checkbox is set plugin just does NOTHING. It just tells the the Facebook – “Here is the URL to share – do whatever you like with it”. There is noting else. Nothing could be broken, nothing for us to fix. Whatever happens on Facebook pages and how it’s shown there is totally up to Facebook. Our plugin just not involved at all.