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    Tom Drake

    I’ve been a SNAP Pro user for a few months now and thought these might be some ideas to consider implementing…

    1) In the advance options for different networks, there is a “Posting Delay”, instead of an exact time, could there be a range for some randomization? For example, have it post between 4 to 8 hours later?

    2) I really like being able to get the links that show up in the post editor after posting. If there was an option to send then out to an RSS feed, I wouldn’t need to check each individual post… and I could even merge each site’s feed to see all my new links for a network of sites.

    3) In the Diigo settings there is a “Post with tags”, could we have an option to use wordpress categories instead of tags?

    That’s it for now, keep up the great work!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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