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      I am trying to setup an auto post from my site to publish events to a facebook closed group automatically.

      First I setup the closed group and a facebook app (type website). The app works fine for facebook connect.

      Then I installed SNAP and configured the group URL and the app ID & secret.
      Authenticated my user without a hitch.

      But submitting a test post fails with the following error:
      (#200) Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer

      I don’t get it, my user is allowed to post in the closed group.
      For test purposes I created a new open group and I get the same error.

      Do I need to add more permissions to the app in order to do this?
      Currently only email, public_profile and user_friends are active. I did not submit the app since I only need it for login and posting, nothing else.

      And since I am authenticating my own FB user I thought that should be enough.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


        I’m having same problem
        Trying to send test post and get this:
        [Warning] =>
        [Error] => Permissions error
        Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => Permissions error )


          Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => Permissions error )

          Worked and stopped


            Same here,

            with the exact same error-message.

            It just works fine for a running fb-page.
            Now I wanted to change it to a fb-group (in which I am admin of course), but get this permission-error.

            Do I have to set up a new fb-app for that?

            Or why am I not authorized?



              You need to use numeric group URL and you need to re-authorize every time you are changing the value of the Facebook URL field.


                I use numeric group URL, it works for public group but close group is giving me this error:
                [Error] [FB – XXX] – -=ERROR=- Array ( [Warning] => [Error] => Permissions error )

                Anyone can get their SNAP post to closed group?


                  I have exactly the same problem. This problem started like 15 minutes ago. I only use numeric group ids and I reauthorized every sigle FB account. i can post into my group, but not into groups where I am not the admin.


                    i am having same problem.. Using Numeric and still getting same result. Need help. thanks

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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