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      I have entered blogger email id and password correctly.
      Along with correct blog id format.

      in “Submit Test Post to Finish Configuration ”
      when I click this button following errors shows up:

      [pgID] =>
      [isPosted] => 0
      [pDate] => 2014-02-16 09:06:22
      [Error] => Error: 403 | Invalid Login
      Array ( [pgID] => [isPosted] => 0 [pDate] => 2014-02-16 09:06:22 [Error] => Error: 403 | Invalid Login )

      I dont understand what is this problem.
      Any help?


        Is it free or pro? If it’s free, then check username/password. If pro – have you tried #2.1 from

        Kumar Gauraw

          I have the exact same problem. I am on FREE account as well trying out to see if it’s worth the money (I mean if all options are really working) and since yesterday, this is the second issue I have been hit with.

          First issue I faced was, the comments import from Facebook aren’t working. It has been 24+ hours since that ticket and I haven’t heard a thing.

          Now, the blogger isn’t connecting even though I have tried 2.1 as suggested above and also I am sure my password information is correct. It just won’t work.

          Can anybody help here?

          Vu Luu

            Hi Kumar Gauraw, you enter and DisplayUnlockCaptcha. It will active.

            Vu Luu (ServerThemes.Net)
            Good Luck


              Testing …

              [pgID] =>
              [isPosted] => 0
              [pDate] => 2014-08-19 07:56:06
              [Error] => Error: 403 | Invalid Login
              Array ( [pgID] => [isPosted] => 0 [pDate] => 2014-08-19 07:56:06 [Error] => Error: 403 | Invalid Login )

              is desactivated but dont work

              Alin Tiniuc

                Does anyone have a fix for this? I am getting the same issue on our blog and I have also done the Unlock Captcha as mentioned in this post and nothing helps.

                Would like to get some direction if I could.


                  There is no “fix”. There only two possibilities.

                  1. You have entered incorrect username/password.

                  2. You need to unlock your account.

                  jack daniels

                    gee, not a very supportive support. Assume all users are stupid first or maybe there really is something wrong with the SNAP connection?

                    1. Definitely sure user/pass is correct.
                    2. Tried the steps on

                    Result is still Error: 403 | Invalid Login )


                      Please go to the Help/Support tabs and click “Check SSL” link.

                      If you don’t see any problems, please contact support directly. We will need to look at your environment.


                        I am having the same problem on all my seven websites and I am a PRO user. The same account (login/password) works fine for Google+. So its possible that Google has made a change to the way Blogger communicates and Nextscripts may need to make the change accordingly at their end


                          Blogger login issues are fixed in the API 2.15.55


                            I just updated my nextscripts helper (1 minute ago) and on some of my sites it updated the API to
                            “Plugin Version: 3.4.3 (API Version: 2.15.55 [ID:845]) [Pro – Multiple Accounts Edition] ”
                            Blogger works on these sites. Thanks !!!!

                            But on other sites it says (even after the update)
                            “Plugin Version: 3.4.3 (API Version: 2.15.54 [ID:845]) [Pro – Multiple Accounts Edition] ”

                            I even tried logging out off the WordPress admin and log back in but its the same version 2.15.54


                              Plugin checks for API every 3-4 hours. You can wait for the upgrade or just double click the word API in the version number to force the update


                                That did it. Thanks !!!!

                                Valentin Yonte

                                  Where Can I get the SNAP API version running?. I have the same issue with Blogger.


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