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    George Agopian


      Is it possible to post multiple images (in one repost) to facebook in your SNAP Pro Multi-Account version?

      In the SNAP free version the only option is to select one image.

      I have a client who would like to send multiple images from one post on his webpage to multiple facebook pages.



        Facebook does not allow to post multiple images in one post. It can only combine several images posted to the same album in some short period of time. But technically it still several independent posts, not one post with multiple images.

        Nicholas Adams

          So does this mean that we are able to use the NextScripts plugin to post multiple images to a Facebook album? If so, how? I have tried both the App Album and Time Line options in the SNAP plugin settings for image posting to Facebook but only get one image posted either way.



            Plugin can post only one image per post.

            Nicholas Adams

              Is that the plugin in its current status?
     and suggest it is possible. Will this feature be enabled in later releases?

              Nicholas Yeager

                Its been a few years, has this been resolved yet?


                  Sorry, this feature is still in the “might consider later” list.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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