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    Today I encountered a new problem which I suspect is more than likely due to Facebook making some unannounced changes on their end . . . AGAIN.

    When I went to my Facebook timeline in my web browser today, I was logged out and had to log in again. I know that I didn’t log out from my previous FB session — I never do — so I am assuming that Facebook logged me out, maybe because of more behind-the-scenes tinkering.

    From past experiences, I knew right away that this would affect SNAP Pro autoposter, so I immediately acquired my new FB session ID, and I added it to my three Facebook accounts in SNAP Pro; that is, timeline, page and group.

    However, upon doing so, now, whenever I post a new entry on my blog, all three accounts — timeline, page and group — are being posted to my timeline. In other words, my new blog post is being posted three times to my timeline, while nothing is being posted to my page or group.

    Furthermore, if I use the “Post Now” button for my FB Page or for my FB group, it is still being posted to my FB timeline instead.

    For the record, other than updating my session ID for all three Facebook accounts, I have made no other changes to my three Facebook accounts.

    Any ideas regarding what is going on here? Thanks so much!


    Please disregard the above message, being as I just figured out what was going on. Somehow, in all three of my Facebook accounts, “Where to Post” had been switched to “Profile”, instead of one being to profile, one being to page, and one being to group. I have no idea how it happened. At any rate, it now appears to be fixed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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