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      Can anyone tell me why it become like this ?
      same post but two different out come ? and another photo is dunno from where ?


        The answer depends on what version are you using and what are your settings for each account.


          i’m using version 2.7.22 and 1.1.6 both believe is latest snap version and wp 3.7.1 …

          setting BOTH IS SAME setting, my question is WHY different out COME WITH SAME SETTING ?
          are you try to means SNAP can do their own setting ?

          Hopefully i get the answer not hanging half way from now



            If you are 100% sure that the settings are the same, then please try to set a 3-5 minutes delay for the autoposting.


              Ok thanks …
              all facebook is schedule ….. just wondering why it become like this, yes setting same …


                answered ??


                  What kind of answer are you still looking for here? There are no unanswered questions in this thread.


                    do u read ?
                    my first question. why facebook with different out come ?
                    ur answer : different setup.
                    my answer : same setup.
                    u request : schedule post.
                    my answer : yes it does schedule post. but out come remain as my initial question.

                    do u answer after that ?
                    no right ? obviously i will look for answer … but u don’t seeing unsolve question as problem, i still looking for answer why ? do u mind solve it ?



                      Here are the possible reasons why your posts have different image:

                      1. Two accounts are configured differently.
                      2. Post was changed between those two postings. (it doesn’t mean it was changed by you, sometimes WordPress posts are made without picture and picture added later to already live post)

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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