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    Jess B

      I have already tried several times to add my Facebook fan page to the accounts list so it will auto-post to it. It will not work. It takes me through the 1st set of steps to add the page but then it doesn’t show up in the list so I can continue on with the next set of steps to authorize it. I have SNAP set up on my other blog & have no problems with it. All I have on the one I’m trying to set up is Twitter.


        In what list exactly it doesn’t show up?


          Dear Mr. Van Normainen!

          I have several Facebook fan pages, a website with multiple subdomains for our Local.
          I set the apps on Facebook, only I can not select it via your plugin only one side despite subdomain.

          error message: The application settings allow the specified URL not. One or more URLs are not permitted by the settings of the app. You must match the site URL or Canvas URL or the domain must be one of the app domains subdomain.

          Can you please help me?
          Thank you



            The answer is in the FAQ – #4.9:

            Support FAQ

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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