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      I can’t seem to add my Instagram account to my accounts list, or any other for that matter. I have 5 different social media accounts set up from before, but trying to add Instagram just reloads the page and nothing happens. It’s not showing up in the list.

      I fill out the needed thing, like user email, password etc, but when I click “Add account”, the page loads, it says “Done” and the window closes, and page reloads, but Instagram isn’t in the list. Tried with my Tumblr account as well, but it did not work either.

      Am I missing something?


        Please upgrade to the version 3.5.3. This problem has been fixed there.


          Thank you, works like a charm now 🙂


            I noticed it worked when I manually clicked “Post to Instagram” in my posts. Autoposting posts a white blank image on Instagram, but the correct on all other social med accounts.

            I tried clicking “Use advanced image finder”, but that did not help. Any clues?


              Most probably your image is not yet ready at the time of autoposting. This is especially the case if you use CDN for your images.

              Please set a delay for auto-posting to Instagram in the settings for Instagram.

              Scheduled and Delayed posting (Pro Only)


                same problem in my case!
                i have set a delay (10 minutes) but still image is blank!
                i am using the latest version of plugin and wp 4.4.2

                i think it is a problem that need a solution

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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