Can't post to Facebook group

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    Is there anyone has the problem like me?

    With premium API version but I can’t auto post to Facebook group


      yep on both user/password option and the session login. No matter how many times I keep resetting it.


        Same here, seems something broken.
        Working fine on pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, just not Facebook groups.

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          With me, my actual location is the UK.

          My server location is US, Michigan.

          No matter what I do it give me a suspicious login from Micigan warning and locks me out.



            I have been doing further testing.

            If I login to the nextscripts using my user and pass I can get it to post without being locked out. I have to manually go into the post and use the POST NOW option.

            However if I then post a NEW post on the front end of my website with autopost enabled I get locked out.

            I am guessing when doing a manual post it somehow works slightly different then autopost


              All our scripts are installed on your server and your server makes posts to your networks directly. When you make a post your server logins to your account on your behalf and makes a post. The location that Facebook is asking you to confirm is a location of your server.

              Please confirm that it was you. It might take several times and then Facebook will stop asking.

              Alternatively please try to use session instead of username password or vise versa.

              Session Instructions:

            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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