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      First of all I hope that I can describe my issue, because English is not my native language.

      Here is my problem:

      I run a job search site. Each job is saved as s separate article. The jobs are selected in different local categories like: County -> City. Everyday I import about 200 Jobs. Each job gets its regional category. I would like to post new jobs to Twitter, to my Facebook Site, to my Facebook Group and to the matching regional Facebook group. like “Jobs in New York” for example.

      – Twitter ok (all)
      – MY FB Site ok (all)
      – MY FB Group ok (all)
      – local public FB Group NOT ok (by category)

      I get a Message like this one:
      [Skipped] [Facebook (XXXX)] – [Automated Post] – Individual Category (Array ( [0] => 1 ) ) Excluded (Included cats: Array ( [0] => 18 [1] => 23 [2] => 22 ) ) – Post ID:(4493)

      As far as I understand, that means that my job was not posted, because it was excluded. In the setup I switched in the menu from “Filter posting by” from “all” to “selected” and I chose the right category. In this example it would be “XXXX”. After that I saved the settings and reauthorized my FB Account to post it. From my point of few it is all setup correctly. But the Posting by certain categories does not work at all. Also all other accounts do not work, as soon as I try to autopost a selected category. When I choose to post all, it works quite well.

      I also opened a ticket like 3 days ago and received no response, yet. Can anybody please help me? I have no idea what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your Help!


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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