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      So I went searching for a plugin and came across this product. It looks awesome but it doesn’t solve the problem I want to tackle.

      Google, Facebook and a few others have filters to discount auto posting. They are pretty good at recognizing it.

      What I’d like to see with this product is pre-made custom fields on each post for each social network that would allow me to enter the content I want to push to each individual network on a per post level.

      Having witty or insightful tweets, page updates etc with a link to the post will not be seen as an auto post IMO. This would allow me to schedule posts and add different snippets for each social network when I schedule the post so I don’t send out the same update across the web essentially creating duplicate content.

      Can you guys integrate this feature?
      I just wanted to check before I make it myself as you have a great foundation here already.



    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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